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Mama Matryoshka

Matryoshka Family
Mama Matryoshka - Mama Matryoshka was very very poor but was never sad, she was happy with the way she was but wished and wished to have a family. When she saw a lovely looking man her life changed. 3 years later they were married she was having the time of her life when suddenly her husband got very sick and her life had changed she thought he was not going to get through it. For 4 months he was terribly sick when a sudden miracle happened he started getting better and after that they were able to go to different places and see the world together. Mama Matryoshka got pregnant but that is another story. - Bella age 12

Price: $1.00

Papa Matryoshka Dog Matryoshka  Matryoshka Family Mama Matryoshka Brother Matryoshka  Sister Matryoshka
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