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Hungry kid

Baby Farm Animals
Sleeping on top of a hill is a baby goat. The sun hits his face early in the morning, he stumbles a bit then he eventually gets up, he sees a baby plotting around a house, he sees his own tail and tries to catch it, as he runs in circles his eye catches the clothes line, he suddenly stops and runs to the line, five things hang there ...tights, a towel, some socks, a blue jumper and UNDIES?! he tries to pull at the jumper but cant reach ,,,he is too small but he doesn't give up he looks at the towel, he looks at his four short and stumpy legs and wonders 'how will i ever be able to get that towel'. Days go by, he still doesn't know how ever to get that towel. then he sees the same baby in the same house but its a bit bigger than last time! he wonders how did that baby get so big? he had never heard of such a thing. he walks to the clothes line to see if he has grown and........HE HAD! he jumps up full of excitement grabs the towel and lays it down on his little spot in the sun. asleep on a soft yellow towel on a hill early in the morning is a goat a bit bigger than before. by Jemima age 12

Price: $1.00

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