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Kitten stuck in tree

One day, a kitty called Stripey was left outside in the garden for the whole day!
He was smelling flowers, chasing birds and having lots of fun. Then, a big wind blew him up into a tall, blossom tree. He was up there for a while when his owner, Patrick came home in the car and was calling "Here, Stripey, Stripey" because he couldn't find him. Stripey could hear his name being called and so he went "Meow, Meow". The wind blew again and Patrick looked up into the tree and saw Stripey just hanging there on the branch. Patrick reached up high and grabbed him down from the tree.
Now it was dinner time so Patrick gave Stripey his favourite food for dinner - fish!
Story by Marie aged 8 years.
Price: $1.00

Cat looking at Moonlight Kitten stuck in tree Cat and Goldfish Kitten with wool Comfy Cat Cat in a box
Purchase the entire Cats set
Price: $6

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