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Baby Wild Animals
One day in Africa, there was a famous explorer called Kate Jones. She loved the wild life
and exploring places that not many people go to or think about (well dah she's an EXPLORER).
Anyway, she was exploring Africa and saw two little meerkats stuck in a hole. She thought
"those poor little meerkats stuck in there", and she vowed "I'll get those meerkats out". So she got
set to work and luckily she brought her little handy bag with digging tools along. After a while, a little
crowd of people came to help and watch and she said "the more hands means less work and the sooner
we'll get this done".
As the day went by she felt exhausted but couldn't give up now and she was trying to be as delicate
as she could without hurting the meerkats. One more jab she hoped would do it. "Come on" one of the children said "you can do it" said another one, 'do it for the meerkats, you're nearly there". "A couple more jabs" everyone was joining in "Kate! Kate! Kate!" and those encouraging words pushed herself up and STAB!!! out came the meerkat and then the other one.
Someone took a couple of photos of Kate with the meerkats and said "Wow, what a great story!"
and Kate said "I'll never forget this day "


By Maeve aged 10 years.

Price: $1.00

Baby Croc Fox cubs Panda sleeping Little lion Meerkats Sleeping bambi
Purchase the entire Baby Wild Animals set
Price: $6

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