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Swapstar Language List

The swapstar language list is the key to translating your swapcards.
Click on one of the languages below to display a translation relating to our cards.


Current translation: English

English English Phonetic
1 Beetle 1 Beetle 1 Beetle
2 Beetles 2 Beetles 2 Beetles
3 Beetles 3 Beetles 3 Beetles
4 Beetles 4 Beetles 4 Beetles
5 Beetles 5 Beetles 5 Beetles
6 Beetles 6 Beetles 6 Beetles
1 Butterfly 1 Butterfly 1 Butterfly
2 Butterflies 2 Butterflies 2 Butterflies
3 Butterflies 3 Butterflies 3 Butterflies
4 Butterflies 4 Butterflies 4 Butterflies
5 Butterflies 5 Butterflies 5 Butterflies
6 Butterflies 6 Butterflies 6 Butterflies
mum mum mum
dad dad dad
sister sister sister
brother brother brother
dog dog dog
family family family
fish fish fish
shark shark shark
octopus octopus octopus
turtle turtle turtle
seahorse seahorse seahorse
whale whale whale
ant ant ant
bee bee bee
dragonfly dragonfly dragonfly
cricket cricket cricket
ladybug ladybug ladybug
spider spider spider
dove dove dove
duck duck duck
flamingo flamingo flamingo
peacock peacock peacock
hummingbird hummingbird hummingbird
eagle eagle eagle
elephant elephant elephant
giraffe giraffe giraffe
hippo hippo hippo
zebra zebra zebra
gorilla gorilla gorilla
lion lion lion
cat cat cat
rabbit rabbit rabbit
horse horse horse
dog dog dog
fairy fairy fairy
angel angel angel
owl owl owl
dinosaur dinosaur dinosaur
silhouette silhouette silhouette
piglet piglet piglet
duckling duckling duckling
kid (goat) kid (goat) kid (goat)
calf (cow) calf (cow) calf (cow)
foal foal foal
lamb lamb lamb
crocodile crocodile crocodile
fox fox fox
panda panda panda
lion cub lion cub lion cub
meerkat meerkat meerkat
calf (deer) calf (deer) calf (deer)
robin robin robin
polar bear polar bear polar bear
penguin penguin penguin
seal seal seal
tiger tiger tiger
squirrel squirrel squirrel
rhino rhino rhino
ferret ferret ferret

Disclaimer: swapstar have tried to ensure that all translations on images and the website are correct. We cannot accept responsability for incorrect translations. If you feel that a translation is incorrect please contact us and we will do our best to fix it.
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