Swapstar, a new generation of swap cards

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Hello Swapstar

Welcome to the online home of swapstar, the new generation of swap cards. swapstar cards are fun and exciting to collect and swap with your friends.

The first series of swapstar cards is now available online and in selected stores. There are 120 cards to collect. There are 20 different sets with 6 cards in each set. How many have you got?

swapstar sophie and swapstar sam are your friends at swapstar and they have their own limited edition swapstar cards which are only available in random card packs. If you have these cards in your collection you are very lucky.

Have you found the words hidden in the swapstar cards? All of the cards have a word hidden in them. It is the name of the animal or the number of animals or pictures on the card. But it could be in another language!

We hope you enjoy collecting and swapping with your friends. Please remember and always be fair in your swapping. If someone doesn't want to swap then they don't have to, you just have to keep collecting to try to find all the cards for your set.

Always swap with style.

We like to make up stories about the cards and we put some of our stories on the website beside the cards. We would love to hear your stories.
If we put your story on the website we will send you some free cards.
If you have any questions or ideas for swapstar cards we would love to hear from you.
Send us an email at sophieandsam@swapstar.com.au

Look out for updates on the website and new cards, competitions and ideas coming soon.

swapstar Sophie and Sam

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